My name is Kush Patel. I'm a Software Engineer by profession and a part-time blogger. My interests are technology, music, food, and travel. I am a strong believer in spirituality.

  • I write these articles in my free time. I work full-time at Alcoa, developing and redeveloping LIMS for the laboratory.
  • I love automation and hence my most projects on automating daily repeated tasks.
  • My current working languages are Python, C# and VGL(guess the full form if you can). I use MS SQL in my projects for database purposes.

  • Born in India, but living in Australia for nearly a decade now.
  • I love playing Piano(Keyboard) and I have Roland Juno-DS to play along.
  • I am not very active on social media but yes, I check it once in a while so feel free if you want to get in touch with me.